[Documentary] Survivor

Fifteen years ago, the tsunami struck the western part of Indonesia on the December 26th, 2004, causing the loss of many lives and of a great amount of infrastructure. The earthquake with a magnitude of 9,1 occurred at 7.58 am, and lasted for 10 minutes, making it one of the strongest in modern history. Less than 15 minutes after the earthquake occurred, the tsunami hit the coast of Aceh up to 6 kilometers inland as well as the surrounding islands and caused 126, 741 people died.

At the present, Aceh ca be said free from pain. The infrastructures are managed properly. The economy of the local people also starts growing. They can casually sip a cup of coffee in the various coffee shop. Everyone can smile because Aceh has peaceful condition once again. The beauty of Aceh has returned in the front of our eyes.

A Documentary Film "Survivor"

Producer : Aceh Japan Community Art Project
Line Producer : Ahmad Ariska
Director : Shiti Maghfira, Ahmad Ariska
Cameraman : Ahmad Ariska
Drone Pilot : Aceh Aerial
Film Editor & Graphic : Amondaya Alfanmono
Music Scoring : Harald Kloser & Thomas Wander
Translator : Taek Hyun Lee, Shiti Maghfira
Post Production : Kreatif Multimedia

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